POC Handheld

Professional Mobile Communication

To meet the demands of professional mobile communication, Hytera’s series of POC radios offer end-to-end POC solutions that enable users across many industries to deal with various situations. Hytera’s complete PoC solution includes the management platform, dispatch platform, server, PoC apps and handheld terminals.

PoC handhelds have a rugged design and come with other features such as drop resistance, water, and dustproof, and also enable reliable operations in harsh and noisy environments. Unlike the traditional PMR radio, PoC provides instant communications over 2g 3G 4G Wi-Fi networks which makes it easier to handle emergencies as it can directly make a call via the public network while it reports site conditions exactly by the HD camera and touch screen.

The touch screen is robust and sensitive enough to support glove and wet hands operations and the large PTT button offers more convenient instant group calls in daily patrol. This helps boost on-site operational efficiency as it works over both private and public networks in narrowband and broadband when out of public network coverage. The PDC550 for example maintains instant communication and supports third-party applications on its open industry-standard platform. This facilitates users’ operations and real-time HD video streaming to the command center which helps with fast decisions.

POC management platforms with visual dispatch video and voice dispatch make command and dispatch easier and more accurate and have been widely used in various scenarios including logistics, security, traffic, Airports and big events. Hytera’s POC solutions altogether make communication coordination and dispatch smoother and more efficient.

New PNC360S PoC Radio

Simplify the way to communicate with your teammates!

Say goodbye to unclear audio in very noisy environments, intermittent voice call issues in areas with a weak signal, short battery life, and unstable performance in humid and dusty conditions.

PNC360S PoC radio was specifically designed with businesses in mind. It is the best choice for those engaged in supermarkets, hotels, logistics, industrial parks, urban and property management, and more.


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    PNC370 PoC Radio

    The Hytera PNC370 is a compact, rugged, and easy-to-operate LTE handheld radio. The PNC370 enables fast voice communication and data transmission over nationwide LTE cellular networks.

    • Advanced noise suppression for clear audio in loud environments
    • Rugged and IP rated to withstand dirt, dust, and moisture
    • Powerful battery delivers up to 18 hours of operation time
    • Built-in GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and LED flashlight


    Pnc370 1080

    PNC380 PoC Radio

    The Hytera PNC380 PoC device is a compact, rugged, and easy-to-operate handheld device that utilizes Wi-Fi and existing nationwide 3G/4G/LTE cellular networks for unlimited coverage and capacity.

    The PNC380 supports all features of the PNC370 (Shown Above) PLUS:

    • Full Keyboard
    • Car kit option for mounting in vehicles
    • High-definition live video
    • Improved battery that delivers up to 24 hours of operation


    Pnc380 1080

    PNC550 PoC Smartphone

    The PNC550 PoC Smartphone combines the advantages of a smartphone with the ruggedness, enhanced audio quality, and instant Push-to-Talk group communications of a professional PoC device. The PNC550 supports group video conferencing and runs the Hytera Hytalk/Hytera Hytalk Pro and Android apps.

    • Supports both Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC) and phone calls
    • Rugged and purpose-built for professional communications
    • Seamless switching between cellular LTE and Wi-Fi networks
    • Supports Hytera Hytalk/Hytera Hytalk Pro and Android apps
    • Features instant voice and video group calling


    Pnc550 1080

    PDC550 Hybrid PoC Smartphone

    The PDC550 Hybrid PoC Smartphone is the revolutionary DMR LTE hybrid device offering the ideal platform for Narrowband and Broadband .

    The PDC550 supports all features of the PNC550 (Shown Above) PLUS:

    • Supports both Broadband (PoC/phone calls) and Narrowband (DMR Tier 2)


    Pdc550 1080

    PoC Terminal Highlights

    Ergonomic Design

    Simple Operation

    Compact and ergonomic design, paired with the deliberate side key layout, makes the one-hand operation easy and comfortable. The anti-slip textured case ensures firm grip even in moist conditions.

    Clearer Audio

    Clear Audio Quality

    Adopting the dual-mic noise reduction technology, the radio always picks up the right voice from noisy background. The advanced acoustics design substantially elevates sound loudness and sharpness.


    Long Battery Life

    The impressive battery capacity across the PoC range delivers a substantial working time, supported with Micro-USB charging to make it easy to charge anytime, anywhere.

    Robust Devices

    Reliable & Durable

    The PNC 380 is Certified with IP67 rating, the radio is fully protected from dust and is water-proof up to 1 meter for 30 minutes. The radio also meets the MIL-STD-810G standard to withstand 1.5-meter drop. The minimum level of IP rating across the PoC range is IP55 (splashproof)

    Introducing Full Series of Hytera PoC Radios


    Why is PoC radio getting more and more popular? And what can Hytera Poc radio do for us? Hytera PoC radio has been widely used in various scenarios, including logistics, security, traffic management, airport, and big events and makes communication, coordination and dispatch smoother and more efficient.