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In the first instance, please check our FAQ's page. If you are unable to find the information you need on this website, or if you have a question about a product, system, warranty or service, please speak to your point of purchase, or locate your preferred Hytera Partner from our dealer page, and get in touch. They will be happy to assist and discuss your support requirements.

There is no display or something strange is displayed on my LCD? Why?

This could be a result of poor connection between the LCD and PCB, which could have occurred due to the radio being dropped and not being used properly. Please return the radio to your Hytera authorised dealer for maintenance.

The voice received on the radio is intermittent with rather big noises. Why?

When the radios are at the edge of the coverage area or in an area where radio signals are interrupted or blocked, these symptom will occur. If you are within your coverage area and there is no interruption to the radio signals, please return the radio to your Hytera authorised dealer for maintenance.

Why can i hear the voices clearly from other groups but sometimes my voice is intermittent?

Please check to see if the MIC is blocked preventing you from transmitting properly. If so, please return the radio to your Hytera authorised dealer for maintenance.

What is DMR Radio?

Digital Mobile Radio; Based on a TDMA (Time division multiple frequency) Modulation protocol technology, operating in 12.5 kHz bandwidth channels, With 4 levels FSK (frequency shift keying) and advanced FEC (forward error correction) technology.

While connecting the programming cable from the USB port of the computer to the radio programming port the following message is displayed “new hardware has been detected” how should I proceed?

Follow the USB installation instructions located on Hytera Website (you need to install the USB bulk driver).

How long is the communicate distance of TC-XX?

The communication distance would be affected by following factors:

  • Environment: If you use it around high buildings and large mansions, the communication range is smaller.
  • Weather: If you use the radio on a rainy day, the radio performance maybe poor.
  • Power: If the power of the radio is very low, you will have a poorer communication distance.
Why is the radio communication range shorter than before and why has the sensitivity become poor?

Please check the antenna making sure it is in good working condition, also check the antenna socket to ensure it is not damaged or loosened. If you notice a damage in the socket return the radio to your Hytera authorised dealer for maintenance.

Once the radio has been programmed, why does the radio make noises like “dudududu”?

This noise often indicates the radio has been programmed incorrectly. The noise would be an indication the channel frequency programmed is out of the frequency range supported by the radio in question. Please check your settings or contact a professional engineer for help.

What is the battery life cycle?

The Ni-MH battery is designed for 500 standard recharge & discharge cycles; a Li-ion battery is designed for 1000 standard cycles. Replace your old battery when the battery life cycle is over allowing efficient performance from your radios.

How many characters can be included in a quick text message?

With the DMR Tier 2 the quick text message allow 256 characters. Radios from the PD3 series allow 64 characters.

Do Hytera radios have radiation and how do I use the radio safely while it works?

Radios radiate from their antenna at the RF frequency selected and the configured power level. In order to use the radio safely, hold the radio in a vertical position and keep about 2-5 centimetres distance from the radio. For more information about using a radio safely refer to the user manual for the radio in question.

Difficulty turning the radio on, and when it is turned on, it turns off automatically, Why?

If the battery on the radio is charged, check the battery contacts on the radio. If anything is broken or twisted, return the radio to your authorised Hytera dealer for maintenance.

What are the different type of batteries available from Hytera?

Li-ion and Ni-MH are the two different type of batteries available from Hytera.

From the antennas Hytera provide which one is better, long or short antenna?

The short antenna is conveniently designed and easy to carry, the long antenna covers wider communication range. Selecting the right antenna is dependent on the environment you require coverage in.

My radio works well however there is no sound output when I use an earpiece?

The audio jack in the radio may have been damaged. Please return the radio to your Hytera authorised dealer for maintenance.

Why is the battery life of a portable 40% longer?

In DMR technology, the radio will transmit for 30 milliseconds and stop for 30 millisecond this allows the battery to last longer.

What is the IP standard for the Hytera terminals?
The PD3, PD4, PD5 and MD series radios are rated at IP54, meaning the radios are protected from limited dust ingress.
The PD6, PD7 and X1 series along with the PD715Ex and PD795Ex radios are rated at IP67, meaning the radios can be immersed in 1 metre of water for 30mins.

What should I do if my Hytera radio is dropped in water?
Some Hytera radios are IP67 rated, meaning that they can be immersed in 1 metre of water for 30 mins. If it is not IP67 rated (check the technical specification) take the radio out of the water and remove the battery. Put the radio in a well-ventilated area so that the radio dries out quickly. If the radio does not turn on or function correctly, return the radio to your authorised Hytera dealer for maintenance as soon as possible.
Can the program file be downgraded?
Once a radio has been upgraded it is not possible to downgrade it.
How can I find the user manual, service manual, programming software (CPS), firmware upgrade kits and other software?
If you cannot find the technical information you require on the product listing on this website, then please speak to an authorised Hytera dealer who can support you with your request.