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    Created with Sketch. Light but Powerful

    Smaller than a standard business card and weighing less than 115 grams, GC550 is easy to hold in the palm or clip on the outfit of officers who are always on the go. This compact but mighty camera lightens the everyday carry for frontline officers.

    Created with Sketch. Stunning Details with 2K Resolution

    Video resolution matters. GC550 records every encounter that occurs around officers in ultra-clear 2K resolution. Such clearer and smoother videos help to reveal crucial details for judiciary professionals, who can better understand what happened and make more informed decisions accordingly.

    Created with Sketch. Stress-free Wearing Experience

    Officers can wear GC550 on the epaulette or the front pocket by using different carrying accessories. A 360° swivel clip allows officers to easily rotate GC550 and find the best recording angle.

    Created with Sketch. Power Extra-long Shift

    GC550 has a field replaceable main battery that can record videos continuously up to 9 hours at 720p. For an extra-long shift, take a spare battery, and swap it quickly for another 9 hours. During battery replacement, GC550 can keep recording for 5 minutes thanks to the built-in backup battery.

    4G-20x20 Slide to Record, Quick and Right

    The intuitive sliding switch makes recording activation easier than ever. Its changes of physical position on the camera help officers effortlessly know whether the recording is on or off, even in intense, stressful situations.

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    Accessories for GC550

    Included as standard with GC550 Included as standard with GC550

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    Technical Specifications


    Dimensions(H x W x D)
    73 mm x 48 mm x 25.5 mm
    ≤115 g (with battery)
    2.0- inch
    Storage Capacity
    32 GB/64 GB
    Battery Capacity
    2,100 mAh
    Video Resolution
    1440p@30fps, 1080p@30fps, 720p@30fps, 480p@30fps
    Video File Format
    Photo Resolution
    Up to 40MP
    Photo File Format
    USB Type-C Port
    IP Rating
    Operating Temperature
    -20°C to +60°C

    Memory Capacity

    Storage: 32GB/ 64GB


    Type C


    USB cable, power adapter, belt clip, battery, user manual