• Hytera DMR Digital Solution Helps Fight Crimes in South Africa

    Public Safety | Case Study

Benoni is almost 176 Square Km in size and have some 25 suburbs. The area is very big and is home to more than 158,000 people (2011 Statistics). Community-based policing forums are clusters of people coming together to rid their communities from crime by being the eyes & ears of the police service. Benoni Community Radio Network (BCRN) has more than 4 repeaters and totally more than 900 registered radio community members.
In such a large area consisting of multiple neighbourhoods, they need to make sure that the radio network is always available for both emergencies and look-outs to patrollers and community members. There are no central command centres as it is a community project and the network is totally funded by the community & sponsors. Members in various areas have revolving radio officers that monitor situations and give relevant info back to personnel on the ground.
Information is either broadcasted to all members in the reception area as lookouts or is selectively sent to specific radio groups that have suspected criminals in view and await the police's arrival at scene for assistance. Information is often received as tip-offs of an impending crime that is about to happen, and in such cases the secure digital communications work well to get selected patrollers in position at the indicated crime scene as the information indicated to.
It is often a vast area of operation, as criminals can be followed through many areas to where they are finally nabbed by the police.

Customer Demand

The community forum members, patrollers and responders require having signal coverage throughout their whole area for “Crime Reporting” and “Look-outs”. Some members have existing analog radio equipment that need to communicate via a central repeater. With existing independent analog repeaters, radio users cannot share information among different repeater areas immediately.
Patrollers need to have secure digital communications during patrols and covert operations, no matter in what kind of unsecure, noisy and sensitive environments.

Hytera Solution
From 2013–2015, Ace Communication Distributors Co. delivered a Hytera DMR migration solution by using an entry-level digital repeater by which analogue & digital communications can be handled seamlessly. Hytera DMR radios RD62X/RD98X / PD50X / PD66X/ PD78X are used.

Solution Benefits
1. Radio broadcasting messages are sent to warn community members of dangers and of lurking criminals in the respective areas. A single message could raise people’s awareness and savenumerous lives.

2. Many crimes were foiled because relevant information were received and followed up by the Community Police Forums in collaboration with the police.

3. DMR repeaters with IP port will allow BCRN to communicate over the whole area via different repeaters. The radios with roaming feature also allow smooth switching and communication over different repeaters.

4. Voice clarity, stun functionality and remote monitor are the key functions. Low-cost entry-level portable radios with security features as stun/revive and remote monitor prevent them from being used by illegal subscribers.

5. With TDMA technology adopted in DMR repeaters and radios, the network can support more traffic on the available repeaters.

6. Cost is a great consideration as communities purchase the radios themselves for their own use. Reduced costs could have dramatically positive impact on this scenario.

7. The operation area is ranged from city to rural areas with small farm lands in certain areas. With professional coverage prediction and technical supervision by Hytera service supplier, most of the area is covered with good radio signal.