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What is ATEX radio?

ATEX radios are designed to protect employees in potentially dangerous oil, gas, mining and chemical environments where atmospheric explosions may occur. The ATEX certification is an EU standard (Appareils destinés à être utilisés en ATmosphères EXplosibles) designed to ensure that electrical equipment including radios and accessories do not provide an ignition source such as a spark that might cause an explosion. These are known as intrinsically safe radios as they meet stringent health and safety rules to protect workers, the facilities, the surrounding population and the wider general environment.

ATEX radios have particular properties to set them apart from standard waterproof and rugged radios. They do not release sufficient electrical or thermal energy under normal conditions to ignite hazardous material such as fuel, fibres, dust and gas.

Each element of the radio including batteries, circuit boards, casing and antennae are designed to be as safe as possible, with shielded connections and anti-static shells.

The HP795Ex Intrinsically Safe DMR Two Way Radio


Designed from the ground up to be certified intrinsically-safe, these devices can operate in high-risk environments with virtually zero risk of ignition or explosion.

Hytera offers both DMR and TETRA intrinsically safe two way radios which meet ATEX standards and also comply with IECEx standards, certifying they are explosion-proof radios. Our ATEX radio range includes models that can operate in Zone 0 (or 20), Zone 1 (or 21) and Zone 2 (or 22).

These provide the perfect robust, reliable and intrinsically safe communication device for firefighters and workers in oil and gas, petrochemical, mining and processing and manufacturing industries; such as flour and powder. They are also ideal for jobs involving the use or storage of hazardous liquids or gases at petrol stations, airports, ports and events.



PT890Ex Intrinsically Safe TETRA Portable Radio features a secure design, durable body, and advanced ergonomics. PT890Ex provides clear and loud voice quality, extended working hours, and long-distance communication capabilities. Compliant with stringent IECEx explosion-proof standards, it holds IECEx international certifications. This design meets global explosion-proof certification standards, providing reliable safe communication for industries such as oil and gas, fire rescue, airports, manufacturing, and more.

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HP795Ex IIA Intrinsically Safe DMR Portable Two-way Radio features a secure design, durable body, and advanced ergonomics. HP795Ex IIA provides clear and loud voice quality, extended working hours, and long-distance communication capabilities.

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HP785 UL913

Intrinsically Safe DMR Portable Two-way Radio

HP785 UL913 is Intrinsically Safe DMR Portable Two-way Radio and represents the future in style and functions that refresh the standards in digital radio, providing more efficient and more reliable communication with loud and clear audio, and powerful battery, remarkable portability and ruggedness. The radio is specially prepared for users involved in oil and gas, fire and rescue, mining and airport, those who need to work in hazardous environments with potentially explosive gases or flammable dust.

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Why Choose Us?

Authoritative IS Certifications

Through the rigorous testing of the globally recognized certification organizations, our radios obtain the IECEx/ATEX certificates, to reduce the risk of accidents, and ensure the safety of users and operators.

Wider range of operation temperature (in Ex area)

Thanks to new explosion-proof materials and advanced mechanical design, the radios are built to work under temperatures from –25°C to 60°C in explosion-prone areas. With stable and even heat dissipation, the radios are engineered to work in extreme conditions, bringing extra safety and efficiency to everyday work.

Extended Coverage

The radios feature Class 3L transmitting power and industry-leading receiving sensitivity (–120 dBm), providing more smooth communications even at a distance or in the edge area, further enhancing personal safety and work efficiency.

Clear and Loud Voice

With a 2W high-power speaker, the audio is louder. Integrated with AI intelligent noise reduction algorithm, automatic gain control (AGC), and other multiple audio technologies, PT890Ex and HP799Ex isolate kinds of noisy backgrounds and address weak sound issues, to make critical voice information clearer and more reliable.

Rocksolid & Longlasting Battery

Designed with a high-grade battery protection board and a novel battery lock , our ATEX radios avoid potential sparks even dropped accidentally, and ensures the safe use of the battery in hazardous circumstances. The standard 2150 mAh battery, together with the cutting-edge low power consumption technology, can outlast the shift.

Easy to Use

User-friendly UI design, upgraded 2.4-inch screen, and multifunctional buttons, along with large LED indicator lights, providing a comfortable viewing experience, convenient operation, and doubled efficiency.

The Industry-leading Technology

  • Operating temperature: -25℃~60℃
  • Lower surface temperature: HP799Ex IIC: T120℃, PT890Ex: T90℃
  • Certified IP rating: IP64/IP65/IP66/IP67/IP68 per IEC-60079-0:2017 & IEC-60529
  • RX sensitivity: PT890Ex: -120dBm
  • Long battery life: TMO(5-5-90): 26H; DMO(5-5-90): 20H
  • Noise cancellation: AI-based Noise cancellation algorithm
  • Howling suppression: No howling sound when the radios are close to each other even 30cm apart
  • Water-porting: The water entering the speaker cavity can be automatically discharged without manual water removal
  • Anti-magnetic speaker: Anti-magnetic speaker does not absorb metal debris, and the speaker has a long service life
  • Vibration notification: The only TETRA IS radio supporting vibration notification for incoming calls
  • Remote device management: The radios facilitate remote management through the WLAN, such as programming, upgrading*, and log management*. (* Coming soon)

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