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Who Uses Push-to-Talk Over Celluar?

The kinds of industries which use Push-to-Talk Over Celluar (PoC) services include transportation and logistics, retail, security, energy and utilities, construction, councils and local government organisations, hospitality, manufacturing and others. PoC provides long distance communications with a low start-up cost.

PoC is particularly useful for businesses needing to communicate across widely dispersed sites or with mobile work forces, such as logistics firms travelling long distances not just nationally but also internationally.

It also provides a cost-effective solution for smaller organisations such as retail outlets or hospitality concerns for whom a PMR solution might be more than is required or too high an investment.

Potential Advantages of PoC Solutions

Direct Mode


PoC enables real-time, group communication, ensuring that important messages reach the right individuals or teams promptly. This is particularly valuable in scenarios where swift responses are critical, such as inventory management and customer assistance.

Clearer Audio


PoC is highly scalable, making it adaptable to both small and large business operations. It can accommodate the growing and changing needs of your businesses, ensuring that communication remains effective as the organization expands.

Partner Program Icons cooperation

Cost Savings

By streamlining communication and reducing reliance on multiple, often costly, communication devices, PoC has the potential to yield significant cost savings.

Reliable durable


The reliability of PoC is reinforced by its ability to function efficiently even in challenging network conditions, ensuring that communication is consistently available when needed.

Meet Hytera P30 (C) PoC radio– A new era in two-way radio communications!


Simply Grab and Go

Say goodbye to exhausting programming and create talk groups within seconds, the P30 is your next-gen, easy-to-use radio.

P30 3

Hear it All

Leading Audio Quality

Powered by a 3W speaker, the P30 ensures your messages stay loud and clear.

Multiple Standby Groups

Easily control multiple standby groups, keeping you tightly informed across multiple teams.

Reliable Long-Life Battery

The P30 can standby for up to 72 hours, ensuring you stay connected even across multiple shifts.

P30 1

Go Anywhere

The P30 leverages readily accessible public networks that allow for instant communication nationwide or even globally.

P30 4

Near-Zero Latency

No more delays. Our Thailand-based server ensures close-to-zero latency in your messaging.

P30 5

Rugged and Robust

Drops and impacts aren't a worry. With IP54 weather resistance and MIL-STD-810 military-level protection, the P30 stands ready to perform no matter the situation.

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